Thursday, January 14, 2016

Super Debate Tonight!

Okay, I have to comment on the Republican debate tonight, I felt that Fox Business did a great job of bringing up substantive issues that the American people want to know about....well, I wanted to know about.  I'm not interested in keeping a score, but, I will say that Kasich and Bush did better than their last debates, buuuuut, don't think they moved the needle, but hey, it isn't over.  I thought Carson was funny and had some really good points on foreign policy, and Christy did a good job on those subjects as well.  Now, the three amigos, Trump, Cruz and Rubio, wow, they were on fire.  When I say they were on fire that does not necessarily mean I agreed with all they said, just that there were some good points scored against and for each of them.

Having said all of this, I would crawl, in shorts, on broken glass, to vote for any of them over any of the democrats.  I'm so tired of the, "hate this class of people over another", "punish the producers of this country", "the cops are all bad", "give our enemies billions of dollars", and "let's take more rights away so they have no strength" and, "Gee, our country sucks".  But hey, that's me. Socialism is simply and entry level drug for Communism, sorry, but that is what I believe....which leads me to a concern I have about this coming election.

Since the election of 2008, our country has had as its President a man who is a narcissist, an arrogant condescending, bitter person.  A person who does not honor the constitution and has used bureaucracies like the IRS against the American people because they have a different points of view.  He has appointed leadership that will not enforce existing law, will hide truths and make up false stories about important issues and events, rather than state what is true.  I know that there are some who vehemently disagree, but I bring up these points (admittedly vague) to discuss what concerns me about this coming election.

It appears, Donald Trump, has a real chance of winning the Republican nomination, which means he could have a real chance at becoming President.  He has been great for this primary because he unapologetically discusses issues that are of concern to Americans, but not very politically correct.  I am grateful for his participation, he has flushed political correctness down the toilet and good riddance, but, I cannot call myself a supporter of his at this time.  He too, like President Obama, is an narcissistic person.  Many of Obama's supporters like what he is doing, and look the other way at how he accomplishes his plans, regardless of his methods.   So, I have to ask; would those who desperately want to change this country back, look the other way when and if Trump does the same thing?  Our founding fathers put into place a process, is it frustrating?,  you bet it is.  It is supposed to be hard to make changes.  New ideas need to be vetted before implemented.

I like listening to Trump, but, I'm not sure I trust he would be a good President.  Now, he may be a wonderful President, I'm just not totally convinced.  Great and terrible leaders (like Hitler, and no I'm not comparing Trump to Hitler....calm down) have come to power because the people were desperate for change; a desperation that clouded judgement, I simply hope that our judgement does not become clouded now.

We are a great nation and we need a leader to unite us, not divide us; to remind us of our strengths, not inflate our weaknesses; to build up our hopes and possibilities, not tell us that this is the best we can do.  And, if I may be so hopeful, remind us that our love for one another is more important now than ever.  It may be an impossible dream, but unless you shoot for the stars, you'll never hit the moon.  I want to hear a President express how much he, or she,  loves us and this great nation, I don't hear that anymore.  Even a President I don't necessarily agree with can by a little support from me if there is at least a small amount of humility in his/her soul, a degree of appreciation in his/her conversation, and a reverence for our true history and the rights of the citizens.

I have a lot of hope for this coming election, and a lot of worry over what our current President will do until then.  Yet, I am calm; I am confident that in the end, we will win!  Say it OUT LOUD!

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  1. Ugh, I am seriously so torn on who to vote for! Once we get past the primaries, anyone but Hillary will get my vote. But up until then, I seriously have no clue!