Friday, December 11, 2015

Demo Days

The Family Room
Demolition Phase

About a year ago my wife and I started discussing the need for more storage.  Our family room was very long with built in entertainment shelving extending from our stairway down to the corner on our longest wall (not necessarily a fan of built ins).  So, I saw opportunity to expand and reduce space in order to accomplish our desire for more space.

Photo 1 shows the built ins that had to go, this is the beginning of the process.  "Disclaimer Alert!" Please note, this is not necessarily a project for the beginner, as a builder I know I have potential structural issues, electrical circuits that will have to be relocated, and lots of surprises that will need  to be dealt with before I demo this, so please seek out professional advise if you've never done this before.  So, I made a plan in my head and decided to proceed as soon as I got caught up on some work....

I came home the next day and my sweet "project manager", had our sons begin without me.  I was a little surprised to say the least, but kinda happy to see it get started.

We got the whole "famdamly" involved, son-in-law and grandchildren, and got the demo done.  Disclaimer 2; you will have a HUGE mess, so be prepared for a way to remove and dispose of this.

One of the structural issues I mentioned earlier is our stairwell.  In the last photo you can see where the stairs turn 90 degrees.  My concerns over structural issues were eased a bit as I was later able to confirm a structural ledger bearing the weight-whew!

Here's a few more photos

 Fun and crazy times.  I cracked up that we had the TV going during all this.  One of the first things we did was relocate the entertainment set up...priorities people, priorities!

So, this was our demolition phase, time to begin the build, more tomorrow...

And yes, this WAS OUT LOUD!

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