Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Lacks a firm grasp of the obvious"

In an imaginary game of Jeopardy, a contestant says, I'll take, "Politics of Change" for $500 Alex.
Host: "And the answer is, Lacks a firm grasp of the obvious....";
Contestant: "Who is the Republican Party"
Host: Ding, ding, ding, ding; "That's correct, pick your next category"

This morning I saw an interview with the former majority leader, Republican congressman Eric Cantor, who lost in his primary race a few years ago because of his unwillingness to stand up for our values.  He was extolling the benefits of presidential candidate, Jeb Bush for our next president; claiming that the anger the American people are showing is because of the bombastic campaigning of Donald Trump......really?  So, you're saying that I'm too stupid to know when I'm angry and unless a candidate gives me a reason to be angry, I would otherwise be as happy as could be, I should be grateful for all that Republicans have done for me; what are you, a Democrat?

I am so sick of the establishments on both sides telling us who we must vote for.  I am not a Trump supporter, per se, but I am happy for the dialog that is now being discussed during this election cycle because of him. The establishments on both sides DO NOT want the people in control of these elections.  They have set up systems to ensure this.

For example: why are we running to legalize undocumented people?  For the citizens that are in favor of  legalizing these people, it is probably based on legitimate humanitarian concerns, for the politicians, it is for VOTES.  The democrats are aborting their base and the republicans are abandoning theirs.  They need new voters!  These poor folks are political props, they are not being assimilated, they are not even being asked to assimilate, in other words, they are not becoming Americans.  They are receiving a lot of goodies that our government is making "us" pay for, in order to buy their votes from them...aren't we nice?  Meanwhile the legitimate needs of these folks, how to benefit in a free society, and our concerns over safety, costs, loss of jobs and repressed wages, are totally ignored.

The reason for all the anger, is our politicians; we don't like them anymore, we don't like what our country has become, we want the people we have elected to fight for our concerns and stand up for our constitutional rights!  When a candidate like Trump speaks out against the establishment, we cheer.  I know he's rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but he is saying what many, many, people are feeling.  The Democrats are being treated the same way with Bernie Sanders.  I don't see any Hillary bumper stickers where I live, but I do see a lot of Bernie stickers (I should be shocked that so many want a socialist as our president, but then again, we have elected one twice, and he's still in office), and what are they being told, "you vill vote for Fraulien Clinton".

To my Democrat and Republican friends, fight the establishments!!!!  Don't give in.  I know that when it's all said and done, we may not end up with the candidates we want, but I'm not giving up.  Nor am I going to stomp my feet and stay home, I will vote, because it is my constitutional duty  to do so.


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