Friday, December 18, 2015

Process is DEAD!

Have you ever been involved with a project?  From planning a party to enacting policy change in a large company, there is a process involved.  The process usually the least enjoyable part, but is necessary to achieve a successful end.  I've been involved with lots of these types of projects and I'm here to say that the process is necessary.  It is the way that we debate the best means to achieve the best end, it follows and reports on the progress of reaching that end, and holds accountable those responsible for the means needed to accomplish the goal.  Some projects are an ugly, tedious process and others not so much.  Any great project follows this minutia in order to reflect the vision of the group.

America, has a process.  It was laid out for us from our founding, and we no longer follow it.  Our government has successfully removed the American citizens from this process.  If you have to ask how we are even involved, then you are proving my point, but, we are involved by voting in representatives to go to Washington DC and represent our personal best interests, and the interests of our states.  The process of passing bills, especially budgets, is an ugly process, AND IT SHOULD BE!  In our current situation we have a government that is overtly governing against the will of the people and the states.  I just watched our congress pass a spending bill that funds everything the president wants, and continues to inflate the deficit and put money in the hands of organizations and people that have no right to the hard earned funds of we the people.  

Here's how we have been shut out of the process: our president says he will veto the budget (or any other bill he doesn't want to pass) if it doesn't have everything he wants and will blame the congress for shutting down the government.  The congress knows they WILL be blamed for a shut down (which is not correct in my humble opinion) and instead of fighting with the representatives of the people and the states that want to debate and go through the process, the feckless leaders go behind closed doors and make deals to pass a bill that is never debated, and never open to the American people.

Yes, the president has been elected and re-elected to the office, but since his first election, he has lost seats in the house and senate at every election.  To me, this means the people of this country are sending a message that we do not want to continue to go down the road we are on.  As an example, pole after pole shows that, Obamacare, has never been liked by the American people and they want it stopped.  Instead of doing the will of the people, they force this horrible law down our throats to avoid a controversy.  They like their cushy jobs with health care that is NOT governed by the laws of the Obamacare.

I honestly do not understand why Democrats continue to complain about the Republicans, they have been more effective in giving President Obama everything he wants than the Democrats were.  The are the spineless left of this country, masquerading as conservatives.  They said they needed a congress to get control of the purse, they needed the senate to have more power over the administration, we gave it all to them.........I can only conclude they are in lock step with the President.

We are racing down a  slippery slope.  At the bottom is a country no longer governed by the people, but a tyrannical monarchy that dictates to the people.  I know this will have some say, "oh Keith, your exaggerating the situation and fear mongering", AM I?

I hope that this "WAS OUT LOUD"!!!


  1. These ridiculous politicians are forcing the hands of the American people. Civil War anyone?! And this is the reason that Donald Trump is so popular. When he rants and raves people feel as though he understands. I would never have considered voting for him--he's out of control-- UNTIL NOW! I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!