Monday, February 1, 2016

Cruzing to a Bern?

Congrats to both sides of the political isle last night.  For Republicans and Democrats, a rebuke of the "establishment" of both parties was clearly on display.  Poor Hillary suffered a humiliating loss in 2008 and now she seems to have a humiliating victory/tie in 2016.  The country is sick of the Clintons and their misadventures.  Sadly for my Democrat friends, they have a 74 year old Socialist and a would be felon running for to be the nominee of the Democrat(ic) party.  As for the Republicans, there appears to be a 3 man race now, and other than maybe Marco Rubio, none of these guys are establishment candidates.  I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, however, I am glad he is in the race and has brought political correctness to it's knees (at least for the campaign) and discussed some very important issues that are usually treated, as the issues that shall not be named.  Still, Iowa was a great, and hopefully not temporary, victory for the non-establishment voters.

Well, that being said, I was thrilled with the results last night.  I am happy for my friends in the Democrat party who are just as tired of the establishment in their party, as those of us, who are still Republican, are of the establishment, week spined, all hat no cattle, Republicans.  This is now a race of two vastly different ideologies in our nation.  This is now an exciting race.

I want to be clear, I am willing to crawl in shorts, through broken glass, to vote for anyone other than a progressive socialist, or even Bernie Sanders....Ha!, ah, come on now, that was funny.  The truth is that Hillary is as much a socialist as "The Bern", she just won't admit it.  I can't vote for either because I believe in allowing people to be free of an oppressive government, and, in my humble opinion, our is rapidly heading in that direction and I don't see it reversing course by either Democrat winning.  It may surprise many to hear me say that I believe Bernie Sanders is a good man.  I believe he is principled in his beliefs and that his supporters are as well.  If he was to win the nomination, then we will have an honest and principled  debate between, more government vs. less government.

Well, just a short little blog tonight.  I know that I have not been writing as much as usual but, time has been hard to come by lately.  So, on to New Hampshire where it gets even more exciting; no caucuses, actual primary voting and the results are usually different than Iowa.  I love this country, our elections are so crazy and exciting, and I love that our states have the freedom to do it their own way; wonderful traditions and history.

Alright now!  Listen up!  Enough celebrating, get your heads back in the game, this is only one little election, the races are far from over.  Now, go and VOTE OUT LOUD! Unless you can't because of the precinct rules, then, you better whisper.....just make it an OUT LOUD whisper if you can.

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