Thursday, March 17, 2016

Are We Divided? Can We Unite? Because, WE Are the Answer!

I find the division in our nation the result of failed political manipulation that has been going on for generations.  It has always amazed me, especially during an election cycle, that the politicians can push their snake oil on to us and in the process, tell us that certain classes of people are at fault for our unhappiness and frustration; they will then tell us that they are the only one that can fix it.  During the election season we invest our time, passion, money and state of mind, in extolling their virtues, or making excuses for the lack thereof.  There is only one reality in the whole process, and that is that once a person gets to Washington DC, they almost always disappoint us.  Why is that?

Well, they have been manipulating our rights over decades and decades to addict us to government hand outs.  They have outright lied to us about the stability of our financial systems, they have exempted themselves from the laws that you and I have to obey (for example, it kills me that they can't be prosecuted for insider trading, and they don't have to sign up for Obama Care), and they take our money and give it to their friends so they can get reelected.  This is not a Republican vs. Democrat problem, it is a systemic crisis of government across the nation.  I don't mean to make this an indictment of all politicians, I know that there are some who are genuine and honest, but, they are few.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

How About a Break from Politics?

Tensions are so very high, and they are high in every presidential election.  It does seem that they are increasingly high during this one.  So, in an effort to keep my blood pressure at a normal level, I thought I'd write about something else, RELIGION!!!!  Ha! Just kidding.  Seriously, with all the many things we can complain about today, I wonder how many of us, including myself, look for the good in life.  Question: Is there anything good going on in your life right now?  Can we share the good with each other?