Thursday, March 3, 2016

How About a Break from Politics?

Tensions are so very high, and they are high in every presidential election.  It does seem that they are increasingly high during this one.  So, in an effort to keep my blood pressure at a normal level, I thought I'd write about something else, RELIGION!!!!  Ha! Just kidding.  Seriously, with all the many things we can complain about today, I wonder how many of us, including myself, look for the good in life.  Question: Is there anything good going on in your life right now?  Can we share the good with each other?

So, last night all my little grand kids were at our house so we could watch them for a couple hours.  I was obsessed with many issues; the usual stuff like work, the election, projects started and not goes on.  I stopped for a moment and heard my little grand daughter, who is quick to smile but very stingy with her giggles, giggling.  Her grandmother had successfully coaxed the giggles from her.  I stopped everything to confirm that my auditory senses had not failed me.  I was so intrigued by this rare moment, I got my phone out and started recording. Now, imagine a whispered tone in a British accent, "Here we are in the natural habitat of this child who almost never laughs. Notice how the child's paternal grandmother skillfully entices the child by teasing her with a small soft blanky.  The blanky is placed over the child's face and quickly removed as the grandmother says, 'there she is'.  This process is repeated over and over as the small child kicks and waves her little feet and hands, her face is as if one big smile, but, no noise comes from her mouth and then, happens. A rare moment that is almost never heard within the family unit, let alone by outside observers; the child, giggles.  And then, she giggles again, and again.  What a moment to witness.  This adorable little blue eyed angel blesses her grandparents with infantile giggling.  What is more amazing, is the reaction of the grandparents; it's as if they have never heard these giggles before.  The infectious tones elicited by the child cause the grandparents to giggle as well.  Aware that loud laughter could distract the giggling child, the grandparents purposely mask their giggling so as not to distract the her.  Truly we are witnessing a rare and blessed moment in the life of this family."

Okay, it's corny, but true.  I was so grateful for family last night.  I am a firm believer in what I believe, and I'm an emotional person to be sure.  And while I will proclaim and defend what I believe to be right, I know that I cannot allow myself to wallow in depression when things don't go my way.  I truly believe that God is in control.  He allows us to make mistakes, suffer trials and tribulation, and allows that we are sometimes negatively affected by other circumstances.  He allows this because he knows that we cannot progress without resistance in life.  I once used the analogy of an astronaut floating in space, unable to progress anywhere because there is no resistance in his surroundings to propel him home.  Resistance develops muscle, hones skills, enlightens thought and reason.

So, with that understanding, I will try to endure the struggles in my life with a smile.  I will try to be a friend to others who struggle, love those who disagree with me, look for good in others and in the world.  My heart is full of love, and I can thank my little granddaughter for reminding me last night, of what is truly important.  So, "Giggle Out Loud" and find something to be grateful for. What are YOU grateful for?

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