Friday, February 26, 2016

I missed the fight?

Well, sounds like I missed the most exciting debate of the season last night.  Full confession, I missed it on purpose.  I knew the candidates would have the long knives out for each other, and if Trump is upset for the treatment he received last night, he need only look in the mirror and thank himself, in my opinion.  I know, I know that this stuff happens every election; every primary election cycle is an act of mass cannibalism, especially with the Republican Party.  As voters, we collectively say, "stick to the issues and give us details", but, that never really happens.  The truth is we are sycophantic lovers of the blood bath.  "Did you see Trump really give it to him and call him a liar?", or, "Did you see how Rubio finally slammed Cruz?", what a bunch of crap, in my humble opinion.  I am one who truly does want to know the Who, What, When, Where, and the all important, HOW!  But, the primary season is very exciting to be sure.

I'm not suggesting that there should be no passion in the debates.  I would love to hear them passionately defend their positions, and argue why the other candidates positions are not going to work.  Mr. Trump still has not detailed how he will make the country great again, and what he has said makes him sound like he's running for the wrong party.  He likes universal health care, he hates abortion but loves Planned Parenthood; he's for free trade, but wants to punish importers; he wants American companies to stop moving out of the country, and his answer to keep them here is to degrade and punish them, rather than change the business environment to keep them here.  And what about the Supreme Court?  If we lose that battle, it's game over, and don't think the progressives aren't licking their chops over that (more on that in a minute).  Listen, he is an amazing person and I believe his greatest asset is his patriotism...I do believe he loves America.  But, he is a CEO, and if you understand business, it is NOT a democracy.  If he wants to do something he will do whatever it takes to make it happen, and in The Donald's case, even if that means getting the government to take land from people for a parking lot.  That is the role of a CEO, but, not a Commander in Chief for the US.

Yes, we want to get things done, but, but, but, but, we must, must, must, must, FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION!  Our current President has been accused, and I join the accusations, of being a lawless president.  He has viewed the constitution as an impediment, and rather than seeking a mandate from...wait for it...the American people, he circumvents the constitutional process to accomplish his ends; to President Obama, the ends truly justify the means.  I have no evidence that Trump will be any different.  Many who support him suggest we need to do the same thing on the right (how much on the right is debatable) in order to, "bring the country back".  This is not the right way to do it.

Yes, a new president can cancel out lawless executive orders, change the personnel of the administration and reduce the size of bureaucracy but, enacting change must be done within the boundaries of the Constitution.  Ronald Reagan was great at this, for most of his Presidency he was out numbered by both houses of congress, and in order to make changes he had to work hard with the congress, and the American people, to accomplish the changes he did.  I just don't see Trump having the patience for this, nor do I truly trust he will make the changes that we as conservatives want to see.

It is very likely that Trump will be the nominee, though the fight is far from over, and if he is elected to be our next President, I hope with all my heart that my opinions and assumptions, based on my experiences and my common sense, are wrong and that he will be a constitutionally sound, honest, compassionate leader of this country, however, my doubts are very high.  I believe Trump is someone who just wants people to liked by others, look how many of his positions have changed in order be liked.  From abortion to Obamacare, he is all over the board and earlier I voiced my concern over the Supreme Court, he has said he likes jurists in the model of Thomas and Scalia, which is great, but what if he feels no love from his Democrat buddies?  Will he moderate that view also?

I do not have any doubts the remaining candidates not named Trump, are all good men who would be very, very capable as president.  I understand the desire to have someone who is not a politician, not a part of the establishment crap that has caused so many problems, I join that desire, but not at any cost!  Trump seems more like a dictator to me, a dictator that wants to be loved.  If, that is his motivation, then we may be in trouble...we may find our constitution wrapped around a small tube, hanging from the wall in the Whitehouse bathroom.

"Was That Out Loud?"

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